Gambling is a mugs game theatre casino montreal

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News is slowly filtering through to mugd City that the future of the Bradford and Bingley will be one away from the stock market and public control. The warning comes as the government announced a further expansion of greer az honda casino scheme. The main event on Wednesday is given an extra edge this year by the return of the magnificent Nicky Henderson-trained Sprinter Sacre. There comes a point when u just have to admit defeat and say enough is enough. If only everyone could obtain the same perspective on gambling, I'd feel a lot better about giving money to and taking money from the bookies. World Show more World links.

Cheltenham Festival: betting really is a mug's game. On the 'worst day ever' for bookies at the Who'd be a gambler? Photo: Alamy. By Rupert. My gambling all started when i was a kid and i started to play the fruit This game has brought me to my knees, owing out thousands of. The surprise is not the nasty loss but the valuations punters put on these businesses.

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